Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tuesday, Kiddie Problems

I'm in middle school. I've been having some troubles with a teacher. I told this teacher something recently and she has insulted me and made me feel dumb.

She acts as if I am dumb in front of the entire class! I try to not let it get to me, but it's starting to really hurt me! Help!

Are you fucking shitting me?! This is your problem? Everyone thinks their teacher is mean to them, and sometimes you will get a vicious one, because they have real problems they are taking out on you. Real problems. Wait until you get a mortgage, or when your ex-boyfriend knocks you up right after high school because you thought that sex would bring him back to you. Wait until your landlord raises your rent, even though somebody got robbed at gunpoint ten yards outside of your front door. Wait until you are in the unemployment line just begging to God to give you the courage to do the car in the garage suffocating thing.
And here you are bitching that your math teacher got mad at you once. I hope your future at Red Lobster is fulfilling.

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