Friday, February 27, 2009

Friday, Preyfesser

My daughter is an intelligent, attractive and outgoing college student. She has lots of friends, but the party scene at school does not fit her personality. She's a more down-to-earth type. She has dated but has never had a serious long-term boyfriend. She says most guys her age seem too immature.

We are very close, and recently she confided in me that she has been having a relationship with one of her professors for more than a year. He is a single, never-married man, more than 15 years her senior. I have made it clear to her that I feel this relationship is a big mistake. The fact that he was willing to enter into a romance specifically forbidden by the university is a big red flag for me.

My daughter feels that she is as much to blame as he is for this connection.

She is in love with him and believes they will have a life together.

How can I warn her about the pitfalls of this situation without having it come between us? Should I inform the university of the romance?

She would never forgive me.

A case of Jeramiah Lasky v. Kelly Kapowski!
I have known people and heard about plenty of women that date their proffesors, teachers or whatever you want to call them. There is good news and there is bad news, Mom. The good news is, that it will never last. The bad news is, they are having naughty, Vivid Entertainment, pleted skirt sex anywhere and everywhere. He is tudoring your daughter in "How much the vaginal wall can withstand 101."
The part that makes me laugh is, when women use the excuse that ALLLLLL the guys their age are immature. Please. The guy you are now dating is immature, because he has to lower his standards into dating a naive, impressionable 18 year old. Yes, guys at her age are a bit intense (With all the drinking and raping that all college young men do. Source: Lifetime), but to assume as a whole that they are all like that is ignorant. I was way more of a gentleman in my younger 20's. Now I ride a motorcycle and enjoy fast women. Woooooo!!!!!
I'm pretty sure this guy preying on a young hot piece of ass is a much bigger red flag than him being her teacher. At the very least, she will probably get an A in the class leading her to a more promising future.
To blow your teachers for grades is one thing, but falling in love is completely nutty. I'm guessing she is looking for a Father figure ever since Dad touched her under the covers, went drinking and never came back. She doesn't sound so intelligent to me. She just sounds like any other fucked up girl that age. This is really not a problem in the long run. She will wise up one day and date a guy from CBOE. Then, she will have problems. Real problems. I guess I'll be talking to you soon!!!!!!