Thursday, April 16, 2009

Thursday, Herpatitis C

I am trying hard to rebuild my marriage. My husband and I have three young children. Four months ago, I met a man (I'll call him "Jack") who made me feel like I haven't felt in a long time. We have not slept together. We tried several times to stop seeing each other, but unfortunately, my attraction to him was too strong.

This week my husband and I separated. I saw Jack this morning. Before things went too far I told him that I had herpes. Dr. KENNY, he practically had a heart attack -- and ended it on the spot!

The thing is, what I said wasn't true. I just could not think of another way to make him stop being available so I could concentrate on my marriage. I feel like such a coward, and I am heartbroken. Not only do I miss Jack terribly, I also can't bear the thought that someone who made me feel so happy would just turn his back on me.

Would there be any point in telling him that I lied, or did I do the right -- albeit cowardly -- thing?
You are one fucked up chick! Although, I think it exposes the good in you to not ruin your marriage entirely.
I really had to read this twice. And then something occured to me. You are the type that I date. Bear with me. Every girl I have ever dated has all these great qualities that makes me initially attracted to them. Then there comes a "There it is!" moment of insanity. Six months ago, I decided to start seeing this girl I met in the summer. I liked everything about her; she was funny, gorgeous, cute laugh, loved sports and had a decent taste in music. Before I could consemate things in the relationship she would tell me things she'd like me to do to her that sounded like dialogue in an episode of Oz or think Virginia Madsen's character in The Hot Spot. When all these red flags started going off, I ignored her calls. Then, she broke into my apartment. After moving away, she would still send friendly emails. Every girl I have ever dated is collectively Margot Kidder.
She kind of reminds me of you. You already ended things, and now you are trying to go back into the burning house.
By the way, a man wanting to throw a pot of scolding water on you and run the other way when he finds out you have herpes is normal. Did you really think he would buy you a baker's dozen sack of Vagicil and hold hands walking into the sunset. He is repulsed by you, so move on with your life.
Stop being a temptress lil' slut, get back with your husband, fuck him more, and take care of your children. Prob.lem.Solved.