Monday, January 26, 2009

Monday, Eating Disorder Disarray

I'm 20 years old and have a best friend whom I care for a great deal.

My friend has an eating disorder, and she also has a mother who tells her and her sisters that having a flat stomach is extremely important.

I have also struggled with my own body image, but I have learned to embrace my flaws (plus, I was raised differently).

When she criticizes herself, how do I as a friend tell her to start loving herself more? Her behavior is starting to bring me down, and it makes me sad that she's so negative about her body.
This 'friend' is really you, isn't it? Don't lie to me. It's the oldest trick in the book. But I don't really care.
It would help me alot more if you specify which eating disorder you/your friend has. In my preference of judging pretty girls, bulimia is the meal ticket (ha ha ha) of the eating disorders. Anorexia just makes you super weak, and Africa looking. Let's look at the facts about bulimia:
1. You can still feel good about eating, and throwing up isn't as scary anymore now that you do it everyday.
2. It's easier than working out.
3. You will get instant results and more dates!
3a. Guys will be more attracted to your smooth stomach and waist.
3b. Holy fuck that ass is tight.
Look, the world is not crashing down. Everyone has body issues in some capacity. Especially women. All women think that they need perfection in everything. And I'm sorry they feel that way, because some girls are so cute that a guy won't care. Plus, they will love you for your mind or some shit.
I, however don't have these issues. I have a modest 6% body fat, I can eat anything I want, and can easily burn all that off by running a mile. It's fucking great.
Furthermore, my cat throws up alot. She is a small, thin cat. Even though, it can be a pain to clean up her little kitty throw up, I respect her. I respect her more than our President. Conclusion: Everybody compliments how cute and small she is.
Stop blaming your (Good attitude) friend for bringing you down. Only you can control how you feel. You are probably a big fatty that wants your friend to chow down at Arby's with you. Go back to the ocean, Kirstie Alley.