Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Sister Act 3: We don't disagree

I have been dating a wonderful man I'll call "George" for the past 14 months. We have never had an argument or even a disagreement. We both have good jobs, like doing the same things, and we see each other every weekend. Our co-workers and family members have commented that we seem remarkably happy as a couple.

Don't get me wrong. George and I know what we like and dislike in life. We talk about things, have serious discussions and deal with whatever comes our way. But for some reason, my sister insists that by now my boyfriend and I should have had at least one good argument. She thinks it's weird that we haven't, and says we are "trying too hard" to make each other happy. She says George and I are ignoring things that could cause unhappiness.

My sister is younger, married, works full-time and has three kids. I think she may be secretly jealous of our relationship. So I ask you, DO all couples have to argue or have disagreements?
Blah. Sisters.
Sounds like she is a bitter, jealous woman that is just mad that her vagina looks like an M.C. Escher painting after pumping out three kids in a row. Your love life is kind of new-ish and exciting, meanwhile she can no longer get off in the shower because her hopes and dreams have been dismantled by a poker obsessed father, and three children that won't stop saying "mommy!"
Though, I still have to give her a point. 14 months and no argument. Does this guy not drink? Do you not drink. There hasn't been a single girl that I have ever dated where we didn't once or twice have a misunderstanding that led to an argument induced by alcohol. Try that one and see what happens.
Besides that, arguing is human nature. I don't know if you two are the most boring people in the world, or you are always fucking, but geez louise.
You mentioned that you only hang out on weekends. That could be it. You two should move in together. See how long your streak will keep up then.
Whether you fight or not, your sister will always be a sloppy bitch. And at least you have that.

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the middle child said...

sounds like your sister revolves her miserable shitty life around being better than you,and when she got to the ultimate married with children romance stage she finally realized why Al Bundy has his hand in his pants in every episode with at least one old style.. I've got to say he's a classy, respectable man. But that's off topic, did your sister get over 4.0s in school, and when you had your graduation party did you get to answer more questions about where your sister was than where you were going to school... well to all of you drunk fucks who did ask that, She was invited to UCLA for medical school camp.. i was just going cross-country to a state where i knew no one..speaking of i should probably go study for my finals i have in 1 hour and counting on cancer of biology because well, sis just got her report card a couple weeks ago and got a 4.6... but i want to make a honorable mention to my best guests at my grad party to Dr.Kenny and Curran. you know it's a good party when your older brother et al teach you some cool drinking tips like turning straws into snorkles, you spend a good portion of the night in a tree, and moms glass cabinet was shattered by currans ass hahah i can't wait to come home tomorrow!