Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tuesday, Slutty Virgin

Is it possible to be a slut and still be a virgin? I am 20, and I am good at attracting boys, but I'm still a virgin because I have never had an actual relationship.

I "hook up" with many guys, sometimes two in the same weekend. I bring them home from parties, but they aren't strangers. I know them from school.

Since my best friends and I moved into our apartment, I have brought five different guys home with me, but I have not had sex with any of them. The other day, one of my friends told me I'd better be careful that I don't get a reputation. I was surprised because I thought you had to actually have sex with a lot of people in order to get a bad reputation. I'm just having fun. What do you think?
A slut and a virgin? Quite the oxymoron. You, my dear are in a different category.
You are the epitome of a tease. And a mass tease at that. It sounds like a harsh word, but it's not.
If you are doing everything but sex, then you are a slut with training wheels. Quite the norm for your age.
If you are just taking guys home and making out with them, to address your hormones, wants/needs etc. no real problem there.
If you are a woman that gets off to not giving into guys then you are a total tease.
Not that any of these are wrong, just giving you the liner notes to your teasy 20's. It's quite respectable that you are waiting for a meaningful relationship even though you are aware of your hotness and willing to take home the latest guy with a striped shirt and a lacrosse hat.
Find that relationship, because if you give in now...you will end up being that slut that your jealous friend warns you about. When you have sex for the first time, nothing is the same after. You have a period where your genitals go Rick James crazy and you fuck a handful of people. It goes with the territory.
Try not taking guys home, or fool around with one of your girlfriends. It will get you more attention from men, and it will cross off that girl on girl experience that almost every woman EVER has on their bucket list.

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big al said...

i have way too many acquaintances with "you" girls in my life, but lets just say those fun frat parties where you have to ask your friend in front of you if the guy sweating and grinding on you is cute or not are probably not a good place to find quality friends to bring home to mommy and daddy that give you way too much money to buy $400 suede boots that you throw up on the first time you wear them and then throw under your desk for the rest of year. and when you are making out against the dewy walls in that classy frat house just think of all the STDs you're catching just touching it.. yummm