Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tuesday, Height Advantage

My man is 5 foot 6 inches, the same as me. When we kiss, I love that I can look straight into his eyes. He's also balding, by the way, so I guess he should have two strikes against him. But I think he's the most gorgeous man I've ever seen.
He's affectionate, straightforward, patient, very funny, intelligent and hardworking, and he treats me with the same love and respect and delight with which I treat him. He's not the first short man I've ever gone out with, but he's the last. He's a keeper. What drives women away from short men? I don't understand it?

Well good for you. I'm glad that you look for character instead of basketball height and wallet.
As much as I rip on women for being vein, selfish, mean-spirited, or materialistic, there is certainly a flip side. I have know plenty of women in my life that can love or be more attracted to a guy's character. Mostly, nice guys, and sense of humor can get you pretty far. I'm not sure I can say the exact same for men. With most guys the 'attractive' has to be there. I can say for myself I have to be attracted to somebody before deeper feelings ensue. That's the only time I can be more attracted to someone's character. I agree that's bullshit. But that's how it is.
I'm no Lebron James myself. I'm 5'10 but have a hell of a jumpshot. Just kidding, no I do. I'm no ladies man or anything, but i have had quite a few girlfriends. In fact that should probably tell you right there that not all women go for height. Or maybe their type is a foul mouth irish guy that thinks it is hilarious when people trip and fall in front of a huge crowd. I dunno. I can honestly say I don't give a shit about my height. Nor have I ever complained about it.
So to any guy that is Spudd Webb small, that's insecure about their height: Make Terry Schiavo jokes and don't give a shit. If some girl passes you up because of height reasons, they are probably a man, or some materialistic bitch from the Gold Coast.

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