Monday, September 22, 2008

Monday, Weight of the World

My boyfriend Chris is 6 foot 7. I'm 5 foot 4.

He weighs 240 pounds, I weigh less than 120.

Yet, he's very critical of women who have buckets and mentions it whenever my weight creeps up to around 125, which it sometimes does in the winter.

As to his weight, he admits that he should lose "maybe 5 pounds."

Now Chris is a smart man and a good one, yet he apparently does not see the disgusting spare tire that's building up around him. I ran a Body Mass Index on him. He needs to lose 20 pounds just to barely make it into the healthy category.

I told him his weight was not only a turnoff, but that it's physically unwieldy for me to be intimate with a man who outweighs me by 120 pounds. (Even if he were his ideal weight, he'd be a challenge.)

That got his attention, and he's trying to get back in shape. I'm going to stay on him in a loving way.

But it's still a mystery to me how men who are overweight feel free to be critical of women who are also overweight.
Nobody wants to fuck a porker. Mystery solved. However, 120 isn't bad. Just don't go over 125. The 120 range allows for some hot sweater-filling boob action, but puts the ass on the cusp of "You nasty!" The thing about your overweight guy is men don't have to look perfect. Alot of women like Bears fans. And some women are attracted to personality which alters their vision into physical attraction. Women are beautiful. And it is up to them to maintain that hot piece of ass.

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