Wednesday, September 17, 2008

In Response to 'Writing Prescriptions'

To the person that I "offended" about my little joke (That was directed to my friend)- I was not picking on anyone (other than my friend). I'm very sorry to hear that things like that happen. But I think coming on to my blog where half the point is offensive humor and laying your personal shit down on me is a tad much. I (jokingly) made sexist comments about girl's being dirty liars, etc. Where were you there? Do you honestly go around comedy blogs looking to be offended? (As a friend pointed out) The solution of this is free will. I will continue making funny statements, and you don't have to look at my page when I do. Everybody wins!

P.S. No more memorial sites. I don't need your depressing family shit.


Anonymous said...

What a coward!!!

Kenny said...

Says the person posting anonymously.

Anonymous said...

You wanted a name Kenny?
You should have looked at the "depressing family shit website".
Obviously, if you had an ounce of compassion or the slightest glimmer of a soul you would know that suicide is not a joke. These are someone's son, daughter, mother, father, someone's brother, sister, cousin, someone's best friend. How do you sleep at night?
Those that make light of suicide are simply ignorant, immature, uninformed and downright mean.

I actually came to a comedy blog to be amused, and at this point, I could use a LOT of comedy, but then some people wouldn't know comedy if it slapped them in the face...

There is a huge difference between a sexist joke and jokes about killing oneself... I'm sorry my senitivity to this bothers you, but by opening a blog to comments, you get what you get.

If you don't want to hear what people have to say, don't blog.

And yes, attacking someone who tells you that you have offended them is nothing short of a coward. Just think what a good guy you could have been - and just said - sorry to offend you, I understand this certain topic can be very emotional and hurtful to those who have lost a loved one and that you had not intention of hurting anyone. End of subject?

Kenny said...

Hey, it's not like I asked some anonymous person to share their family stuff. There is a time and place, and revealing that your depressed kid killed themself on my blog isn't really the place. Didn't I say that I'm sorry these things happen.
I have a feeling the comedy you are looking for is Jay Leno, or anything Jim Belushi does. In fact, I'm sure your brand of comedy insults me.
I have no problem with you commenting. In fact, I encourage it. You give me nothing but good fodder.
To answer your question, I sleep pretty well at night. In a bed, 7 hours if I'm lucky.
Those that make light of any depressing subject are doing just that: making light. I could go around feeling depressed and let everything offend me, but I'd rather enjoy life.

Anonymous said...

It's ok, Kenny. I know that you don't understand. I hope you NEVER understand, because that would mean you would never experience the loss of a loved one by suicide. I like to believe that there is good in everyone.
Peace and blessings to you and your blog - Be happy, have a great life! Make others laugh, it's an honorable undertaking.