Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Tuesday, GloriAIDS

I have known "Gloria" for two years. We met at work, hit it off immediately and became close friends. I love her dearly, and I'm devastated by what's happening to her. Gloria is dying of AIDS and now has a rare brain infection that has caused her to lose most of her faculties. She goes in and out of dementia, and her prognosis is two months.

I have been by Gloria's side so frequently that her family has "adopted" me. I help with her care and am the only one of her friends and co-workers who has visited since she took this turn.

My problem is, since I have been around Gloria's family, I have learned that nearly everything she has ever told me is untrue. She has flat-out lied about many things -- big and small -- that weren't even necessary to lie about. I feel like I don't know my friend at all and never did.

As sad as I am to see Gloria suffering and dying, I am hurt and angry that I was repeatedly deceived by someone I thought was my friend. I keep telling myself it shouldn't matter now, but the more the truth comes out, the harder it is for me to go over there and help.
How can I get past this, forgive Gloria and get back to the business of helping her in her final weeks?

Is it bad that I was overjoyed for a second that I got my first AIDS question? Then you went and ruined it with some sad shit and being selfish...
Let me get this straight? Your friend is dying of AIDS, has a rare brain infection, is reduced to Double Dare-sliming in her pants at least three times a day, and you are pissed because she told you that she was once a prom queen and actually wasn't? Hey asshole, two words, brain infection. This could be the result of her lies. Just because I talk in my sleep doesn't mean I want to ride a giraffe to Texas. (Apparently, I said that once.)
I think we need to give Gloria the benefit of the doubt in her last excruciating days. This is pain you are probably lucky to never have as long as you live. So what do you say to the family that was kind enough to adopt you as family-friend? "Umm.. Sgt. AIDS over here has been telling a couple of tall tales, I deserve an apology."
Maybe you can get AIDS and an Ophelia headache, and then we can see who will give a shit.

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Anonymous said...

how could you NOT get angry at that girl??!!!