Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tuesday, Sharing Chores

My husband has been retired for a number of years, and I hold a full-time job. We share household chores and are comfortable with our arrangement. For example, he does the grocery shopping, I do the cooking and he'll do the dishes.

We both pitch in and do laundry, housework and yardwork.

Because he is so helpful, we are able to spend my days off together. This arrangement seems fair to both of us.

The problem is that we are good friends with another couple, "Jim" and "Jane," both retired.

Jim rigorously adheres to the "man-of-the-house" role, with Jane handling all household chores. In other words, he is retired, but she has a full-time job keeping house, which she sometimes grumbles about. When my husband mentions that he has plans to grocery shop or do laundry, Jim makes taunting remarks and tells him he is a "traitor to his sex."
Apparently Jim believes that I should handle all the household chores when I come home from work and my husband should spend his retirement being waited on hand and foot. How should we handle this irritating situation?

Maybe it's because I've had three hours of sleep, but I'm already irritated by your question. All I can picture in my head is this sweaty face physically murmuring words out in some drastic tone that sounds like dolphins communicating.
Yes, I believe Jim is your ordinary caveman that probably chokes his wife during sex. If Jane doesn't like the way their golden years are going, maybe she should wait until he is asleep and drop a car battery on his sack.
The reason I don't like your squawking...
Why do you give a fuck what some old Vietnam veteran says to your Husband? Apparently, it isn't effecting him wanting to be equal around the house. And if this guy is such a fuckface, why are you friends with him and his enabling wife? So you can have something to complain about? Go to the VFW Hall or a square dancing class, or wherever old people go to chillax, and make some new friends. Chances are cancer will eventually hand out a pink slip of health, so don't waste it hanging around the guy that hates "colereds."


Kerith said...

she forgot to mention that "jim" is permanently wheelchair bound.

big al said...

Dr.Kenny I'm annoyed by this too, but probably because I studied all weekend for my biology of cancer midterm that I Aced yesterday...Tell the bitchy old man to get checked for prostate cancer... It is a known fact that the majority of men die with it and not from it unless it is major but when grumpy old men hear they have this little tiny bit of cancer they want it treated so they can think their pompous asses are "perfect" again.. reality is the majority of deaths from this second leading cancer in men is from the old men that demand they get treated even if it is a case that would never effect them in their dwindling lifetimes. suggest some of these fun facts to you "good friend" and he'll shut the hell up and have something real worth worrying about and if your lucky he'll indulge in self pity and be too depressed to care to complain and nag on his wife.