Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Tuesday, Marine ex

I'm happily married with four wonderful children. I have a great husband and a great career.

Recently I received an e-mail from my ex-boyfriend from high school. He is an officer in the Marine Corps. He broke up with me 16 years ago.

He is now married to the girl he dumped me for all those years ago.

I opened up my e-mail and was surprised to learn that he has been looking for me all this time and wanted to apologize for what he did.

He said that he was sorry for pushing me away and wanted to find closure.

This man broke my heart when he left me for another girl and enlisted in the Marines. My life changed after that, and I am totally over him.

And now, after 16 long years, he is apologizing?

We have talked on the phone several times. I know I shouldn't talk to him, but I think that he is trying to get back together with me.

Talking with him brings back memories. I realize that he hasn't changed, and I wonder if I'm doing the right thing.

If you are soooo over him, why are you talking to him on the phone? And judging from the amount of children you have in that 16 years, it's easy to tell that you love sex. Just don't be that whore.
This guy actually did you a favor. He went off to the Marines. Which in all likelihood means that he hates brown people, wants to fire a weapon, be around a bunch of sweaty dudes, and loves Kid Rock. Not to mention you would have to be a lonely Marine wife where you are stationed, alone, and probably pregnant. My cousin is married to a marine, and I'm not afraid to say that he is a cocksucker. Every family Christmas party that he's around, I dream of introducing a folding chair to his sweaty double chin.
Be an honorable dame and stop talking to this jarhead.


Ryan said...

Dear Dr Kenny,
Thanks for being you

Kerith said...

She'd probably have to go to support groups with other marine wives.

And you know they're probably all pregnant. And sluts. And crying.