Monday, September 15, 2008

Writing prescriptions

Courtesy of Chris Wood.

For my friend John. Sometimes I can't help everyone. And sometimes knowing when to quit is medicine in itself.


Anonymous said...

Kenny - This was extremely offensive...
check out my web page

I think my son received your prescription 4 years ago - unfortunately we aren't laughing.

Sean & Carly said...

I really enjoy your blog. Can't wait to see what common sense advise you can give some immature person afraid of accepting the truth next!

Anonymous said...

I like how this person plugs their own blog while trying to act offended. And how weird that they would just stumble across this blog and happen to see that. They were probably looking for things to be offended at.

Chucklyn said...

Regards to the family of Caleb Joseph Mcintosh.

Unrelated to that - kind of like how this entire SPOOF blog is supposed to be unrelated to reality - effing hilarious!!

SorrySoShort--on the phone with my insurance to see if you're in my preferred network...heyyooooo!

Elaine said...

Actually you all, I'm offended too, and I just happened to come by this - Yea, just came by.

Most of the time, I really enjoy this blog - have it, oops, HAD it on rss... Ask Kenny why.

Oh, by the way, did you look at the blog anonymous sent? The son died by suicide - gun. How funny is that? Assholes.

Chucklyn said...

Well Elaine: that's absolutely your choice.

I don't think anyone here would be disagree that it is each individual's prerogative to be offended by whatever he/she chooses.

People get offended by all sorts of things. And others choose to laugh at some of the same things. Hence:
(I would suggest that you NOT peruse that one)

I'm sure "Dr. Kenny" had no intention of offending either "anonymous" or you, but it happens.

Leaving is definitely your choice and I'd say you're wise to do so. Much like fans of a show like Family Guy, we happen to share a certain brand of inappropriate humor around here and if you're so easily offended then this place is definitely not for you.

Might I suggest ??

Peace. Out.

Anonymous said...

Apparently nobody in the entire world is allowed to make any suicide jokes ever again - because some fucking loser whose loser son killed himself might stumble across your blog and try to make you feel guilty. Yawn. Hopefully Kenny can write the same prescription for Anonymous at 4:35AM.